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Notes to Parents

1. Students must be registered for transportation prior to taking a school bus. Bussing students are to use only their assigned bus and regular bus stop, unless they are a courtesy rider with the necessary documentation. To register, click on the link to the online transportation registration system.  Registration is only available online.
2.Individual student schedules will be emailed to the parent/guardian in August prior to the new school year.  Registration requests processed throughout the school will have their schedules emailed to them once the registration process is complete.
3.  After school, all K-12 students will be dropped at their scheduled stop. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to meet their children at the bus stop if they feel it is necessary. If you do not want your child to walk home alone, please be at the stop 5 minutes ahead of drop off time to ensure the connection and to avoid having your child standing alone at the stop.

4. Children should know their bus route numbers. It is also a good idea for your child to know your phone number and address.

5.  In the morning, students should be at their bus stop 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled departure time. Buses do not wait for tardy students.

6.  Under no circumstances should children run to catch the bus.

7.  Provide the necessary safety precautions for your children when going to and from the bus stop. Student safety to and from the bus stop is a parent/guardian responsibility.

8.  Make certain that your children are properly dressed, in case of emergencies during cold or wet weather.

9.  Accept responsibility for the proper conduct of your children before boarding a bus, during the daily trips and upon discharge.

10.  Parents will be responsible for any damage to a bus by their children.

11. Encourage children to obey all traffic rules and school bus regulations.

12. Children are expected to proceed directly from the bus stop to their destination.

13. For your child’s safety, a video surveillance system which includes audio recording may be installed on the school bus.