School Fees & Supply Lists

Schools may charge fees for:
  • school supplies
  • rental of musical instruments
  • tools, equipment and materials for personal use or for participation in a trades program
  • optional field trips and special events
  • specialty ‘academy’ costs
Each school has a financial hardship policy – please contact your principal for more information.
Elementary (Kindergarten – Grade 7) school supply lists can be accessed by clicking the link below.
Please note that Secondary Schools do not send out supply lists as requests will vary from teacher to teacher and subject to subject. Parents should purchase basic supplies (pens, pencils, ruler, erasers, paper, binders and/or duo-tang covers, etc.) – teachers will inform students/parents of supplies required.
Twin Rivers Elementary School
Twin Rivers' Castlegar Primary Campus will be purchasing supplies for students.
Robson Community School
Robson Community School will be purchasing school supplies for all grades. The cost will be $42 per student. Students will need to bring:
  • Inside shoes
  • Ear phones (inexpensive)