Meeting Information

Public Board Meetings are normally held monthly on Monday evenings, starting at 6:00 pm. Meeting sites are noted in the schedule and public is invited to attend.
Copies of the Agenda will be available by the end of day, on the Friday preceding the meeting. Copies of Board Minutes are also available.
Special public meetings are sometimes called to allow for in-depth debate on specific issues. Whenever possible, dates of these meetings are advertised.
Committee meetings are called at the discretion of the committee chairpersons.
Virtual Meetings

If any members of the public wish to join a virtual board meeting, please email [email protected] before noon the day of the meeting, and a link will be provided to you.

Board Presentations
Presentation time must be requested and scheduled through the office of the Secretary-Treasurer:
phone: 250-368-2223
email: [email protected]
mail: 2001 Third Avenue, Trail BC V1R 1R6
Requests need to be submitted at least one week prior to a meeting. Usually, the time allocated for each presentation will not exceed fifteen minutes.
To facilitate trustee discussion, written submissions are requested one week in advance (for reasons of liability, members of the public may not distribute material on school district property). Presenters shall assume personal responsibility for all statements made.
Presentations may be followed by questions and comments from Trustees. Any debate on the topic will take place in accordance with the agenda.
Meeting Protocol
All Board meetings are governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.
Questions/comments should be directed to the chairperson, who may refer to district staff. Responses may be immediate or deferred to a future meeting.
Individuals are asked to state their names and shall assume responsibility for all statements made. The chairperson has the right to terminate the speaking privileges of anyone who persists in remarks which publicly malign any persons reputation.
Comments critical of the Board or trustees shall be accepted within reasonable limits, provided those comments are related to Board business.
General Information
An executive representative of the following groups may be heard during board debate on matters that impact their respective organizations:
  • Kootenay-Columbia District Parent Advisory Council
  • Kootenay-Columbia Principals/Vice Principals Association
  • Kootenay-Columbia Teachers’ Union
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1285