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Student Absence Reporting

Schools in SD20 use School Messenger to send announcements and attendance information to parents. As a parent, you can decide how you want to receive announcements (email, phone call, and/or text message). You can also use School Messenger to make it easy to report your child’s absence from school.
There is nothing you need to do to receive announcements from the school. You can customize how you receive what kind (General, Emergency, or Attendance) announcements. For example, you may only want to receive general announcements (upcoming events, newsletters, etc) via email, but you might want attendance info to come as a text message so that you see it right away. You can make your choices through either the School Messenger app (available for iPhone, iPad, and Android) or the School Messenger web site.
Visit and click Sign Up, then register with your email address. Make sure to use the same email address as the contact info you gave the school. Please contact your school office to change your address.
It is very important to let the school know if your child is away. Using the School Messenger app or web site, you can report an absence with the click of a button. Check out all the great features in this video:
If you would like to receive notifications via text message, please text Y to 978338
Standard Text Message & Data rates may apply