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SD20 Inclusive Learning Community Joint Statement

Empowering cultures that foster respect for diversity and inclusion is woven into the very fabric that is SD20.
Our commitment to these values is unwavering. They are central to our vision statement and strategic direction:
“To be an inclusive learning community where everyone has the opportunity to learn, achieve their full potential,
and be empowered to pursue their aspirations.”
”To strengthen a culture of inclusion that respects and embraces diversity.”
SD20 also upholds these principles in alignment with the British Columbia Human Rights Code, British Columbia
Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act, and The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Everyone is Welcome Here!
Endorsed and supported by:
Catherine Zaitsoff, Chair, Board of Education (School District 20, Kootenay-Columbia)
Katherine Shearer, Superintendent (School District 20, Kootenay-Columbia)
Wendy Cutler, President (Kootenay-Columbia Principals & Vice-Principals Association)
Andy Davidoff, President (Kootenay-Columbia Teachers’ Union)
Heather Skarbo, President (Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1285)
April Arnot, President (District Parent Advisory Committee)