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Role of Board of Education

Board of Education
Section 30 (1) of the School Act states: There is to be a board of school trustees for each school district. Under Section 113 (1)(a) and 9109B0, each year the Board must adopt a final budget for that fiscal year and a preliminary for the next fiscal year.
School Trustees act as a corporate board to establish policies which govern a school district. In School District No. 20 the Board is comprised of nine elected citizens. Trustee elections are held every four years in conjunction with municipal elections.
The board welcomes comments and suggestions from the community during the school year.
To communicate with the board, please send correspondence to:
Board of Education
School District No. 20 (Kootenay-Columbia)
2001 Third Ave.
Trail, B.C. V1R 1R6
Phone (250) 368-6434 or 1-888-316-3338
Fax (250) 364-2470
Correspondence to the Board must be received in letter format. E-mail correspondence will be received by the Board of Education if a formal letter is contained in the body of the e-mail or is a separate attachment to the e-mail.