Board Members

The Board of Education Trustees are appointed liaisons for all schools in the District and represent all schools.
Trustee Electoral Area 1- Electoral Area I and part of Electoral area J of RDCK
Kristin Ali
        Kristin Ali
 Alternate BCSTA Rep
Trustee Electoral Area 2 - City of Castlegar & part of Electoral Area J of RDCK
     Catherine Zaitsoff                        Birkley Valks
      Catherine Zaitsoff                                   Birkley Valks
                  Chair                                              [email protected]
BCSTA Provincial Council Rep
Trustee Electoral Area 3 - Village of Warfield, part of Electoral Area B of RDKB, part of Electoral Area J of RDCK
Darilyn Simister
Trustee Electoral Area 4 - City of Trail and part of Electoral Area B of RDKB
Terry Hanik                Mark Wilson
       Terry Hanik                                        Mark Wilson
    [email protected]                         Alternate BCPSEA Rep
        250.512.1081                              [email protected] 
Trustee Electoral Area 5 - City of Rossland and part of Electoral Area B of RDKB
Gord Smith
     Gordon Smith
Trustee Electoral Area 6 - Village of Fruitvale, Village of Montrose, RDKB Area A
Darrel Ganzert            Stephen Piccolo    
     Darrel Ganzert                         Stephen Piccolo
        Vice-Chair                                    BCPSEA Rep
[email protected]                [email protected] 
Trustee Committee Membership
Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL):
Darilyn Simister, Darrel Ganzert
Finance and Facilities Committee:
All (Committee of the Whole)
Policy Committee:
Catherine Zaitsoff, Darrel Ganzert
District Joint Occupational Health and Safety (DJOHS):
Catherine Zaitsoff