Ventilation System Improvements

SD20 has upgraded many ventilation systems, and we are meeting or exceeding all requirements in each of our buildings.


Here are some notable protocols/improvements:


•    Regular inspection of all units every 3 months
•    MERV-13 filters installed in all units and changed quarterly 
•    HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) units installed in all portables
•    Amount of outside fresh air increased to 30%
•    HVAC hours expanded with 2 hour pre-occupancy fresh air pre-purge
•    Exhaust fans running full time
•    Portable HEPA air filters added to older portables
      (before new HRVs installed in summer of 2021)
Ventilation System Overviews:
Should you have further questions about ventilation, please contact our Operations Department at: [email protected].