Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child to ride the school bus?

Visit the Bus Registration page.

Each registered bus rider will be issued a bus pass in the form of a hard plastic card which is carried by the student.  This pass must be presented each time the student boards and departs the school bus. 

When will my child receive his/her bus pass?

Bus passes will be made available via their school in September.

Why does my child need a bus pass to board the bus?

Upon entering or leaving the school bus, the students tap their pass against a reader which logs the time, date, and GPS location of the scan. The information is then securely transmitted to a password protected website which School District administrators can access. This information is used both as a safety feature to track missing children, as a passenger list in case of emergency, as well to compile data to be used by the district to find efficiencies in our bus routes.

Do all bus riders need to be registered every year?

Yes, all riders from kindergarten to Grade 12 need to be registered annually, prior to the spring deadline, in order to have a guaranteed seat on the bus.

When is the registration deadline, in order to be guaranteed a seat on the bus?

This date is determined annually by the transportation department. This is communicated to parents via the school newsletters early spring.

Can I sign my child up to ride the bus part way through the school year?

Yes, however we finalize our routes based on registration numbers. There is no guarantee of a seat if you register your child after the deadline. We will not add additional stops due to late registrations.

What happens if I do not register my child for the bus?

The child will not be allowed to use the transportation system. If your child attempts to boards the bus without a bus pass you will be contacted.

What if the bus pass is lost?

A replacement bus pass costs $10. Please complete the required bus pass replacement form at your school and make the $10 payment. There is no waiving of the $10 fee for replacement bus passes. A new pass will be sent out to the child’s school.

Where can I find the bussing schedule?

Bus Schedules can be found under the transportation link on this website (Castlegar area / Trail area) or check with your school.

What happens if I am late to pick my child up from the bus?

After school, all K-12 students will be dropped at their scheduled stop. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to meet their children at the bus stop if they feel it is necessary. If you do not want your child to walk home alone, please be at the stop 5 minutes ahead of drop off time to ensure the connection and to avoid having your child standing alone at the stop.

What if my child gets off at the wrong stop?

If your child is missing, please call the transportation department ASAP at (250) 365-8331 option 2. We can track where your child has gotten off through the bus pass tracking system. All students must know their bus stop and be able to depart the bus on their own accord. It is highly recommended that you familiarize your child with their bus route.

Can drivers add a stop or change a route?

No. The routes are built annually by the Transportation Department.

Will I receive a call if the bus is late or cancelled?

No, you will not receive a phone call about the status of bus times. All bus alerts are posted on the main page of the SD20 website; or call Transportation Department at (250) 365-8331 option 2.

Who do I call if the buses are running late?

The Transportation Department at (250) 365-8331 option 2.

Can my child bring a friend on the bus?

On occasion, yes providing there is space on the bus and a signed note of permission from the friend’s parent is received by the school’s principal.

What pieces of equipment can my child bring on the bus?

Acceptable Items: skates, small musical instruments, skateboards (not longboards), foldable scooters.  All items must be on the student’s lap and not protrude above or outside the passenger compartment of the seat

Unacceptable Items: skis and poles, sleighs, toboggans, golf clubs, hockey sticks, baseball bats, furniture or other large items, large musical instruments, longboards, scooters that do not fold. If the item you are wondering about is not on the list, please contact our Transportation Department.

My child is small. Can a booster seat be used?

No, booster seats are not allowed because there is no way to properly secure them.

For additional questions please email or call the Transportation Department at (250) 365-8331 option 2.