Student Transportation

Walk Limits

The general standards for providing transportation to and from school shall be:

  • Grade K-7 2.0 km. from school
  • Grade 8-12 3.0 km. from school

Walk limits are the distance from the recognized public road access of the student’s property to the nearest catchment school or bus stop. Catchment areas for the purposes of these procedures shall be determined by the Board and will normally be defined as the school closest to the student’s residence.


The criteria for considering transportation to students who live within walk limits will be:

  • Safe access;
  • Ill health or temporary handicap.

Students with special needs may be eligible for transportation or transportation assistance.

All requests for transportation assistance for students with special needs will be managed by the Director of Student Support Services and the District Transportation Supervisor.

Bus Passes

Seats will be assigned to all paid & authorized riders based on walk limits and only upon annual application. All authorized riders will be issued a pass and only students who have paid and assigned a route will be eligible for transportation services.

Students will only be allowed to board and disembark their assigned bus at their assigned stop and school


Routes will be extended if there are at least eight students to be picked up unless the proposed extension of the route would involve travel over a road considered impassable or dangerous. Generally, bus stops are established two kilometers apart on the highway, bearing in mind safety factors and the concentration of population.

Out of Catchment Bussing

Pupils living outside of catchment area, wish transportation may ride provided there is room on the bus and they have registered for bussing.